Do we have to remove staples, paper clips and alligator clips from our paper?
No, our shredder is designed to shred staples, paper clips and alligator clips.


Are you bonded or insured?
Yes, we are fully bonded and insured.


Do we have to haul the boxes outside for you?
No, we will gladly haul the boxes to the shredder for you as part of our service.


Can I shred my confidential paper myself?
For safety reasons, we cannot allow you to shred the documents yourself. However, you are welcome to watch as our qualified employees shred your documents.


Will you come to my business and shred our documents on-site?
Yes, we will travel to your business or home and shred your documents on-site. There is a 10 box minimum for on-site service.


If I have less than 10 boxes to shred, can I still get my documents shredded?
Yes, we also offer off-site shredding at the Eco-Depot in Fort St. John. There are no minimum box requirement for this service. Please call to schedule an appointment.


What happens to my paper after it has been shredded?
After the shredding process is completed, the paper is brought to the Eco-Depot to be recycled.


What happens to my boxes after you shred the paper in them?
We can return your boxes to you or we can recycle them at the Eco-Depot.


My company needs to keep a record of when our documents are destroyed. Can you provide us with some sort of a document?

We provide a Certificate of Destruction after each site visit. We can provide the Certificate at the time of the service or with your service invoice.


I don’t know how much paper our office will accumulate. What kind of a pick-up schedule should we have?
We can shred your documents on a regular schedule (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) or on an on-call service.


I don’t want to store my documents in boxes. Can I use a bin instead?
Yes, we provide 64-gallon totes free of charge to our regular service customers. The lockable tote holds approximately 6 cases of paper.


Are you a local business?
Yes, our head office is located in Fort St. John, British Columbia.


I have some CD’s and credit cards that I would like destroyed as well. Can you shred them?
Yes, we can also shred CD’s, credit cards, microfiche and plastic media tapes. Please store your media and your paper separately.